Create a new VM from a non-Proxmox appliance template

I love Proxmox Virtual Environment when it comes to manage my own “Cloud”. However, the version I run (v1.9) has some issues with  non-compliant appliance templates. So if I just copy or wget templates to the cache folder then the Proxmox web GUI marks these as “– unknown –” and they seem not to be usable to create new virtual machines.

Don’t bother… switch to good old bash and execute the following command with the template of your choice. Note, you should also substitute the rootpasswd string with some meaningful salt/hash combination.

/usr/bin/pvectl vzcreate 600 --disk 20 --ostemplate local:vztmpl/ubuntu-12.04-x86.tar.gz --rootpasswd $1$gs0UfL2E$ZQaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA84/G1 --hostname --nameserver --nameserver --searchdomain --onboot yes --ipset --swap 256 --mem 256 --cpus 1

Switch back to your web console and enjoy your newly created playground.


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